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Navigating Emotions at Work is a group coaching program hosted by Oriana LaVilla and Tomomi Sasaki to help our clients develop their emotional literacy and unlock higher professional satisfaction and growth.We are taught to ignore or downplay how we feel at work — that emotions are a distraction, only “positive” ones are appropriate, and that we must keep them under control. At the same time, we are constantly grappling with the emotional landscape of our workplace, from trying to boost team morale to dealing with conflict and uncertainty.

Learn to work with emotions – yours, theirs, and ours – to transform how you connect, lead, collaborate, communicate and trust.

Come practice new tools in dialogue with peers. As part of a small group, you'll have access to different perspectives and immediate feedback loops. This is the place to explore and practice different ways of showing up, so that you're equipped to face real-life situations with more confidence and ease.

This is a carefully-crafted space to safely explore how emotions shape our workplaces and individual experiences of them. Informative, playful, meaningful, engaging. Time well-spent!

"I gained a new way to react or rather, NOT react, and to take a step back, assess the situation and then act in a way more deliberate way."

What it looks like

  • 5 x 90min live sessions on Zoom, every other Thursday (= 9 week period)

  • Small group of 6-10 people

  • A mix of theory and practice, with a different topic each session

  • 2 x 60min drop-in "Tea time" open discussion spaces (optional)

  • Recaps, resources and home practices shared throughout the 9 weeks


  • Confidence and identity

  • Setting boundaries and saying no

  • Effective requests and negotiating for what you need

  • Expectations and trust

  • Self-regulation and processing

Topics are announced before each session, in response to the needs of the group.


Exploring emotions requires interaction with other human beings. You'll take part in a wide variety of activities, including roleplay, reflection and 1-1 practices, which are designed specifically for online engagement. You'll have plenty of opportunity to bring your own challenges and questions, to work on them in a collective setting.Each group has a mix of different genders, ages and countries of origin, as well as a range of professional experiences and interests.


Individuals: 360 EUR
Company-sponsored: 420 EUR
We offer variable rates to support different financial contexts and circumstances. Please get in touch if this fee makes the program inaccessible for you.

"What I’m most proud of is that I have moved on to “How do we create a better situation?”, instead of being stuck in the feelings of anger, resentment and “This is your fault…”. "

"It was a fantastic experience from start to finish! If you’re curious about emotional agility then Emotions at Work is worth exploring!"

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Live session dates: September 19th, October 3rd, October 17th, October 31st, November 14thStarts: 10am L.A. / 12pm Chicago / 1pm N.Y. / 7pm Paris

Oriana LaVilla

Oriana LaVilla

A non-profit professional turned coach and social change consultant. After almost a decade of work in peacebuilding and conflict mediation, I became a personal and professional development coach and consultant to help address the epidemic of overwork, overwhelm and burnout I experienced and witnessed in the social sector.I work with people, organizations and groups seeking to build their resilience, navigate change and uncertainty, and increase their positive impact in the world. I am based in Serbia and work with clients globally. You can also often find me in Seattle, Croatia or somewhere in Europe, thanks to the beauty of remote work.I am a graduate of the ICF Accredited coach training program at Newfield Network and trained in Emotions-Centered Coaching with the School of Emotions. I run a private coaching practice in addition to hosting Navigating Emotions at Work.

Tomomi Sasaki

Designer, facilitator and coach, working with you to build strong teams, healthy workplaces and useful products.Pursuing a path of personal change shifted how I relate with others—an ongoing journey that brought me to coaching. I am committed to supporting my clients to listen and act upon the quiet signals that come from within.Based in France since late 2014, I'm often on the road in Europe or bopping around my hometown Tokyo.I am a graduate of the ICF Accredited coach training program at Newfield Network, and take on a limited number of clients for one-on-one coaching engagements in addition to hosting Emotions at Work.

"[This program] helped reduce some of the stigma I have associated with the role emotions are supposed to play at work."

"I enjoyed the way you took turns in leading the session, the calm pace, the mix between theory and exercises, the different people in the group and the interaction with the others."

Wondering if this is for you?

This program is for those who care about the experience of work. Ask yourself if you’re in a place of wanting to invest in professional development, and know that personal change is a part of that growth. Timing and readiness is key.Past clients have joined out of a desire to:

  • Increase the coherence and energy level of their team

  • Better advocate for themselves through a career transition

  • Set better boundaries to avoid burnout

  • Establish themselves in a new team or role

  • Build trust in a remote-first workplace

  • Navigate hostile relationships

  • Build more meaningful relationships at work

  • Feel a greater sense of purpose and connection

No one is too "junior" or "senior" for this work. We look forward to welcoming you to the program.

Emotions are “energy in motion”.

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